client Sarson Stone group

Sarsen Stone Group was founded in 1990. Artisans of Devizes is one of the world’s leading stone companies, offering a portfolio of products which span modern, on trend products – as well as the more traditional, beautiful natural stone offerings. This business also offers valuable technical advice, whether the buyers is a home owner or a professional designer.



the brief

The client asked us to look at ways to increase efficiency and performance of marketing activity, driving a good return on investment. Growth was central to the objective.

the delivery

After researching the market place, buyer profiles and purchasing habits, it was identified that a strong digital strategy represented a good opportunity to Sarsen Strone Group. We worked with the team to identify the best options and resource the project. Looking ahead to 2018, we are building on the digital strategy with an increased brand marketing campaign, targeted by buyer type and need, to raise awareness and drive a higher level of conversion.

the results

Sarsen Stone Group has a brand marketing campaign in place to establish the core values with buyers and they are now complementing this with a point of conversion marketing strategy. We are working closely with the sales team to support marketing for sales results.

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