client Safpro

Safpro is a leading specialist in PPE (Personal Protection Equipment), Workwear and Safety Footwear in the UK and Europe. They needed a marketing plan that directly impacted sales and aligned the two departments. The management worked with Find Marketing to create a strong marketing function with a view to company growth.

the brief

The Safpro management team were aware that there was limited cross over between the sales and marketing departments and low marketing activity and they sought a solution to remedy this. Find were asked to analyse the sales function and devise the most suitable and effective marketing solutions to feed into a sales funnel.

the delivery

Find concluded that as a start point, a new website was required that better suited the needs of the company. By workshopping with the Safpro team we uncovered the key messages we needed to show and the website included more accessible calls to actions for queries. When the site went live, requests for quotes followed from prospective businesses. We oversaw their social media (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn), eMarketing (MailChimp campaigns) and PR (press releases for trade magazines) and also helped with the branding of Optimise, a strong component of their business service, that helped manage procurement for clients.

the results

The Safpro feedback survey indicated that the website achieved its objective of greater recognition in the market for the company. We also received the comment about our service: “if your marketing department has a lack of direction Find seems to work”.

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