client One Home

Environmental Scientist, Angela Terry wanted to inspire consumers to engage more with sustainable living. As part of an organisation called The Climate Alliance, she had the idea to create a not for profit website that would remove the barriers to consumer adoption of green services and products.

the brief

Branding was needed that highlighted the fact that we only have one planet as a resource and place to live, and that everyday decisions we make in our homelife can reduce climate change impact. The brief instructed the brand and logo had to avoid green jargon and be positive in its message.

the delivery

The team scrutinised the brief and researched the target markets in depth. We produced a long list of names and slogans that would suit the brand’s specified goals. Eventually, with further consultations and research, this list was reduced to a shortlist where we included designs to highlight styles we believed were relevant. From this process, One Home: Positive Solutions became the chosen brand. We also developed and delivered a secondary logo and slogan, for a campaign at a later date. Finally, we analysed and developed sales and marketing material to appeal to potential investors in the project.

the result

The brand look and message was a crucial element to this new website. One Home is now bringing together sustainable businesses, such as green energy suppliers and electric car manufacturers. It’s also inspiring consumers who want to know how they can make differences and what the benefits of change mean. As a one-stop hub for green living, One Home is on the way to becoming a major force for change.

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