client Ketso

Ketso is a hands-on multi award winning workshop in a bag, used in more than 75 countries and used by creative agencies, public sector agencies, universities, schools and teams around the world. It is designed to promote engagement in groups so everyone participating has a voice. As well as building their website and marketing mix, during the pandemic, Find helped Ketso pivot their business with a new product suitable for use in conjunction with remote lectures and blended learning in universities and it has proved a great success globally.

the brief

In 2018 the Ketso team, led by founder Dr Joanne Tippett engaged with Find for the development of a new website and marketing mix with the aim of improving sales and positioning and to help develop and implement a new marketing strategy.

the delivery

After strategy sessions, Find made their website more focused on messaging, branding and simplifying the user journeys to an abundance of content available. Calls to action leading to a good eCommerce platform was also part of the reinvention with a sales focus. The site is now more than a place to explain the products but an online shop that is selling the kits. We set up an ongoing, rolling planner for social medias including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn as well as PR features, eMarketing and design work for special projects.

When the pandemic of Covid19 spread, there were fears that group communication in typical scenarios Ketso is used in, would cease. Find advised, planned and trialled a new product with Ketso to create a this ‘Covid-age’ version of their kit, called Ketso Connect, that would prove beneficial to online group meetings especially. This proved a great success and is now being widely recognised as a way to improve student experience at a difficult time for universities.

the results

Ketso is receiving bulk orders for student cohorts for Ketso Connect especially, at a time when generally commerce is suffering. Ketso brings structure and collaboration to group meetings, so with Find’s help we took these benefits and aligned the new innovation to the new online conference room and lecture environment.

If you need to think of ways to develop your product and marketing accordingly, please contact the Find team and we can help you develop a new plan.