client Filofile

Filofile is a document management business based in Somerset. Filofile has a secure, state of the art facility for document storage and fast retrieval when needed. The service is key for many companies to run efficiently. Filofile is a regional go-to service for storing information that needs to be kept, so it is private, safe from being damaged or lost and not cluttering up a business premises.

the brief

Managing Director, Simon Barber engaged with Find to make Filofile’s marketing more effective. Filofile asked Find to conduct a full marketing review to see where there was opportunity to improve results.

the delivery

FACP assessed Filofile on all their marketing activities and advised on how to improve their marketing. A top to bottom review was conducted of all the existing marketing assets in the business to assess their effectiveness and areas that could be improved. New marketing channels were highlighted that would be ideal for communicating Filofile’s core message to the correct target customers.

the result

The company engaged in new approaches to marketing channels with a heightened knowledge of how to make marketing connect more directly to the sales pipeline.

If you would like a full marketing review get into contact with us at Find and we can transform your methods to sell in a more effective way.