client EU Research

EU Research is a highly respected and influential scientific magazine. It is distributed to key innovators, government officials, scientists and industry figureheads. Crammed with in depth details of the latest European science projects, this is a media that disseminates knowledge and connects pioneering science to industry. 

the brief

The commissions involve the supply of several engaging editorial features with an average wordcount of 2,000 words for inclusion in a periodic scientific research journal. The features must be on the very latest cutting-edge science, with original content that will be read by senior scientists, business leaders and government officials. In addition, Find was tasked to supply thought leadership and opinion pieces, pin-pointing scientific challenges and achievements in Europe. Lastly, we interview project heads in charge of on-going European scientific projects with a view to interpreting their work and disseminating it to a wide audience.

the delivery

With meticulous research, original interviews and fast delivery – Find has regularly contributed to this world-class science publication. Every feature is proposed, written, edited, proofed and delivered within the given deadlines. In addition, images are sourced and approved for inclusion.

the results

As a resource, Find has helped with content creation for a challenging market, where new science is being explored and needs to be explained in ways that can be useful to the scientific community and potential industrial partners. The scientific magazine has become well known and respected in Europe by stakeholders in scientific progress. As a result it has increased frequency to become a quarterly and goes from strength to strength with continued growth and popularity.

We believe this demonstrates the versatility of Find and our commitment to excellence for high-end specialist publications.

Here’s a link to the magazine, EU Research

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