client CMD Recruitment

CMD Recruitment is the largest independent recruitment company in Wiltshire with several offices and teams. The company engages with the latest technology for recruitment, continually demonstrating a driving ambition for growth and to remain the regional leader in their sector. Operation’s Manager, Dan Barfoot, requested a range of marketing solutions, allowing Find to work hand in hand with in-house staff to deliver exciting results.



the brief

Find were tasked with auditing their marketing investments to see where there could be improvements in spend, cost cutting and where there were new opportunities for investment. Find were also asked to develop the brand, the brand’s presence and optimise marketing channels.

the delivery

We engaged initially in an overarching strategy, rooting out waste of investment and redeploying spend to drive return on investment. Marketing planning included setting the budget, Ad buying and commissioning resources for marketing delivery. Find were key to new creative concepts, Ad designs, content planning, content delivery, photography and PR features in the press.

the result

Results included the development of a new website, extensive press coverage and a brand rework that captured the essence of the company’s drive to succeed for their business clients and candidates seeking work. We produced many new marketing assets, such as an image bank, logos and adverts and we had a close relationship with the recruitment company, which continues to enjoy success and growth.

If you would like a marketing partner to take a fresh look at your business to assess new opportunities and audit existing marketing, please get in touch.