client Centre for Dentistry

The Centre for Dentistry is a chain of dental practices operating in selected Sainsbury’s superstores around the UK. They are disrupting the dentistry sector by having dentists that can service patients when they are doing their weekly shop in the store.



the brief

CFD needed to create brand awareness with the consumer and build trust before they enter the store environment. The journey and confidence needed to be built well ahead of a store visit. We needed to tackle the negative connotations of visiting the dentist and instil trust and confidence. In addition, there is substantial footfall within each store, each week, representing a captive target audience. The difficulty is standing out in a noisy, over saturated environment and cutting through, to inform the consumer that there’s an instore dental practice.

After all, you don’t normally expect to find a great dentist in the supermarket, do you?!

the delivery

The business was in start-up phase, so we needed to be tactical and thoughtful with the budget available, it needed to work hard and drive results.

After thoroughly researching the market and looking at ways to cut through the noise and connect with customers, we established that the digital space was wide open with little branding from the NHS dental provision or other private chains. We started there, knowing we could quickly and cost effectively move into this space and establish the brand ahead of the competition. A consumer-friendly website was briefed and built, utilising ‘real people’ imagery and ensuring all language on the site was free of jargon.

We used lots of content marketing to tackle the most common concerns of patients in a positive and reassuring way. We supported this info with real world testimonials from patients who’d not visited a dentist in years, who’d popped along to CFD and had a very positive experience. Nothing tells the story better than a happy customer.

This content was used off site in a number of ways to attract customers. We utilised social, with many engaging campaigns to raise awareness about cosmetic treatments, affordable family plans and so on. Great imagery was key and the content we shared was structured to work in a way you just don’t see from other dental brands (it’s not always beautiful people eating an apple!).

PR played a very important tactical role in securing reach and coverage within Press and publications. We targeted both print and digital (great benefits with the links for SEO). We took a very targeted approach, using good quality journalistic content written for specific publications, to ensure positive coverage.

the result

We designed, implemented and measured a digital marketing campaign to compliment and support all other marketing activity. Centre for Dentistry have substantial growth plans, are in an exclusive partnership with Sainsbury’s and are in an extremely exciting proposition, likely to change the face of the dental industry in the UK.

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